Custom Local News is the economical choice for radio stations. With budgets cut and hard to find talent..."Custom Local News" brings you the large market voice you want for your radio news brand. It's simple and incredibly get completely locally produced newscasts with exactly the mix of national, regional, local news you want. It's CUSTOMIZED for you. Find out more and check out my work! Thanks for visiting.

  SOS Radio Network...Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Palmdale, Lancaster,   Key West. Taccoa Falls Radio Network...Athen, Georgia KFBN "Heaven 887" Fargo,   Morehead, North Dakota KGCB "Radio Shine" Prescott, Phoenix, AZ KRTK Idaho   Falls, WY Spirit FM 90.5 Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Fl. KVMV McAllen, Tx. Refuge   Radio Network Duluth, Mankato, MN Sioux Falls, SD. WGSN Radio "New Life 105",Gatlinburg,TN. WJCR 90.5,Glasgow, KY. The Promise FM , Nothern MI. KAMB 101.5 Celebration radio,Fresno CA. Thunder 92.7 Anniston,Talladega AL.
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